Solar Auction Get Lowest Tariffs Rate of Rs 2.48/kWh


The latest solar energy biding in one of India’s most favoured conditions to set up huge scale solar energy developments has seen a sharp down in price tenders placed by plan makers.

The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) introduced the auction in August 2018 and saw numerous additions with final auction finished in February. Project inventors to build 750 megawatts of solar energy ability from all over in Rajasthan.

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Finland established plan developer Fortum Solar energy company to be found as the lowest tariff bidder of Rs 2.48/kWh. The firm achieved to complete 250 megawatts of capacity.

One of India’s biggest solar energy self-determining power manufacturers, Acme Solar, wins the bid to build 250 megawatts of capability at the same price. The firm together holds the top record for the bottom price bid placed by any firm of Rs 2.44/kWh.

The bottom rate open in this sale auction is about three per cent lesser than the bottom price bid placed in the newly decided 1.2-gigawatt state auction. The lowermost winning offer in the state auction bid is Rs 2.55/kWh.

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