Solar Energy: 500 Unit Power will Generate Per Day with Solar Energy in New Collective


Ratlam solar power will start generating power in the new collector rate building. For this, the construction of a solar panel on the roof of the collector rate building is almost done. A 100 MW plant is being set up. It will produce 500 units of power per day. With this, the outflow on power consumption in the collectorate can be reduced by 70 per cent. Along with this, solar plants will also be installed in all three colleges of the city.

Plans have to be set up for solar energy on all government buildings in the center plan. It comes with 30% grant center. The offices of other departments, including collectorate, are still operating in the new collectorate building. 315 watts of electricity can be produced from one plate. A total of 308 panels are being set up. There will also be a 25-year warranty. In this Solar Power Plant which costs more than Rs 1.34 crores, due to the demand of the collectorate building, the power company will go through the remaining power grid. It will also benefit. At present, the slab of the rate is more than the consumption of more than 100 units. The cost of solar energy will be reduced.

At present, there is a bill of 25 to 30 thousand rupees per month in colleges. After having a solar panel, the colleges will have to pay the bill at the rate of Rs 2.21 per unit. This will result in the payment of one-fourth bill in current power bills. The unit will increase by 3 per cent every year. Apart from the three colleges, the solar panels will be installed by the said company in the Industrial Training Institute.

The plan to install the solar panel in all the three government colleges of the city will get electricity at a rate of Rs 2.21 per unit. Which will currently be much lower than the rate of the electricity company. This will reduce the electricity bill of thousands of rupees every month.
A contract between the Higher Education Department and the Solar Panel Service Provider Company, AZUR. This contract will be for 25 years.

The officials of the service provider company have also done the survey of City Arts and Science College, Government Girls College, Swami Vivekananda Government Commerce College.

20 kilowatt in the College of Arts and Sciences, and a 25-25 kilowatt capacity solar panel station will be set up at Virgo College and Commerce College. The work of installing a solar panel on the roof of the collectorate is underway.

The entire information panel will be able to meet the consumption and cost only after the panel is operational. At present, the bill which is coming up will cost less. Solar power plants will be installed on the roofs of the college. A survey has been done by the concerned agency. Under the state government’s plan, the contract for 25 years has been signed by the Department of Higher Education and the concerned agency.