Solar Energy – India’s Future Leading Business!!


In the Jimmy Mcgilligan Memorial Seminar organized at Shri Vaishnav University, the experts said that solar energy is a futuristic business and engineering students can become entrepreneurs in it. The topic of the seminar was the Sustainable and Affordable Technology in India.

On this occasion, environmentalist Padmashri Janata Palta Mcgilligan said, it is the responsibility of engineering students to develop their green technology. They do innovation and promote Green Business, Green Industries so that the effects of global warming can be reduced.

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Environmentalist Padmashri Janata Palta Mcgilligan said, “No one nation from global warming will affect the entire world.” The purpose of celebrating Jimmy Mcgilligan Memorial Week is to get more people involved in achieving the goal of sustainable development. Sharing their experiences, he explained the easy ways to clean drinking water and general techniques of smokeless hoods. Businessman Ghanshyam Lukhi, who came from Surat, told his success story. Industrialist Ghanshyam Lukhi told that he uses a solar sheaffer dish with steam system for food processing. Through this, he has given employment to thousands of villagers. This technique is so easy that any farmer can use it in his village. Industrialist Ghanshyam Lukhi appealed to the engineering students that they can also become entrepreneurs with these techniques.

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Deepak Gadhia, industrialist, who created solar cooker and steam cooking system, said there is immense potential in solar energy. It is not only used to make salt water sweet, fruits – drying vegetables, making electricity, but now they have also made solar air conditioners and have successfully installed them at the cancer hospital of Muni Seva Ashram in Gujarat.