Solar Energy Subsidy Policy Out of Energy Due to Net Metering System


Haryana: Vendors of solar energy plants in Gurgaon said not a single customer is added since Sep 2018 and the market place is down as the government is not starting net meters, a necessary part that will permit customers to abstract return. The aid and return were made-up to pull more citizens into choosing for power grid linked solar energy system.

A new 100 net meters was freshly out and all were retailed in Gurgaon-Faridabad region. But vendors have voiced apprehension that such slow and periodical release of meters won’t make any substantial difference.

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 A solar energy rooftop connection lets customers develop as the main customer. They can generate power from solar panels through daylight and used it for the whole day. Rebate along with the subsidy plans that Haryana Renewable Energy Department deals on purchasing solar panels from Local retailers.

Present solar energy production in Gurgaon positions at 28 Megawatts. Allowing to the approximations, the metropolitan can generate 200 Megawatts of solar power but the absence of net meters is lower the interest of consumers.

The local vendor says that the marketplace getting lower. Consumers have pay only when the structure is completely working. Around 650 net meters system were fixed in the town in the meantime.

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