Solar Energy Use Increase Rapidly in India


UT Chandigarh Administration will run the Awareness Campaign on the use of solar energy. Dibid Dalai, CEO of Chandigarh Renewable Energy and Science Technology Promotion Society (Crest) at the event organized in Press Club, said that the use of solar energy in the solar energy types of equipment in the private sector is growing because it decreases the need for power can reduce. Here the Crest CEO also inaugurated the Chandigarh Branch of Modern Energy Solutions. On this occasion, the Dalai said that till now more than 500 government and private buildings have been installed in solar plants. By 2022, the target of generating about 69 Mw of electricity daily through solar energy has been set.

40 per cent of power generation in the country will be done from non-renewable energy resources like solar and wind power by 2030. The power keeps getting energized all the time from the sun because it occurs in one part of the Earth and then it rises in the other. There is no sunset all over the world.