Solar Power Project Generate to 500 Jobs in Uttar Pradesh


In the industry of solar energy, the Emplus Energy Solutions Company in UP is financing about Rs 2,000 crore in coming two years, which will produce around 400 Megawatt of power. In an initial first phase, Emplus Energy Solutions is creating its debut in Mirzapur in the solar plan of the state government 2017. The firm will employ more than 500 people by putting their own project in two months. The company aims to produce 10,700 MW power in five years.

250 crore project in the first phase, Guru Inder Mohan Singh, COO, Emplus Energy Solutions, after the Ground Breaking Ceremonies in Indira Gandhi Institute on Sunday, said the company will start its assignment in Eastern and Central UP. In the first phase, the company is financing about 250 million rupees in the 50 MW PV scheme in Gurudev Nagar of Mirzapur. For the first time with this rule, Emplus can sell its power straight to any firm. The COO highly valued the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath. He said that with the right program, businesspersons are coming straight to capitalize thousands of crores in the state. This will help the unemployed with the growth of the state.

Along with COO Guru Inder Mohan Singh, Vice President Alok Verma and Consultant Madhusudan Gulati said that the plan will start in Mirzapur in coming two months. The procedure of work has been finalized by purchasing area from NOC. The company will offer straight hiring to more than 500 people in this project.