The World’s First ‘Solar Train’ Will be Made by Delhi Metro


Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is going to be the world’s first railway system that will run completely on solar energy. DMRC got 27 Megawatts electric power from Rewa Solar Power Project Plant of Madhya Pradesh (MP). This is the first time that DMRC has got electrical energy from any off-site grid. So far, solar energy was used only for the use of Metro AC and Lights. But now solar energy power will also be used for Metro operation.

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DMRC uses 60 percent of its electrical energy from solar energy source. But by 2021 DMRC will use solar energy source for all its requirements. At the same time, DMRC will save up to 41 Crores. Recently, DMRC has customary 27 Megawatts power from Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa Power Plant, but it will increase to 99 MW soon.

According to DMRC’s statement, DMRC will receive 345 million units of electrical energy in the first year from Rewa Power Plant. In the year 2018-19, 1092 Megaunit electric power was used by Delhi Metro. In addition to Rewa, DMRC produces 28 Megawatts of electrical energy from its own Rooftop Solar Power Project Plant. All these Solar Plants are engaged in Delhi Metro Station, Depot and Colony.

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DMRC also told that to start this new initiative, DMRC’s MD Mangu Singh traveled from JLN Stadium on Thursday to the Central Secretariat station in a Metro Rail run from Solar Energy. Along with this, Manu Shrivastava, Chairman of Rewa Ultra Mega Solar, along with other officials including DG Upendra Tripathi of the International Solar Coalition were with him.

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