Today India celebrated its 69th Armed Forces Flag Day


India celebrates 7 December as an Armed forced Flag Day to honour Indian army soldiers. India soldiers are safeguarding India’s border and sacrifice their lives to protect our nation. August 28, 1949 is the day when India celebrated its 1st Armed Forces Flag Day.

The government of India made a community for the welfare and rehabilitation of Ex-servicemen community known as ‘Armed Forces Flag Day Fund’ (AFFDF). The main perspective to make this campaign to generate awareness about the ‘Armed Forces Flag Day Fund’ and encourage people to contribute generously to the welfare of our national army ex-service persons.

On the occasion of Armed Force Flag Day, Many popular Indian respected persons and celebrities marked their wishes through social media.

Our nation is respected our country army’s men and women, today is the day when we get a chance to help our national Army’s men and women.

Goingsolarr, Thank those who protect the honour of the nation.