Tokyo Government plan to build Eco-friendly solar road ahead of 2020 Olympic Games


Tokyo government plans to build “solar roads” that generate energy from the sun rays via solar PV panels installed under the surface of the roads. A solar panel is protected with a special resin to enhance durability. It is possible for a vehicle to drive over with panels without damaging it. Solar roads are already introduced in France. The main agenda of this project is promoting the eco-friendly city in the 2020 Olympic Games.

In May some solar panels have already installed underneath of road on a trial basis in the Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture

A solar panel under the road has the number of disadvantage. The solar panel is not at their perfect optimum tilt angle. The disadvantage of tilt angle is to generate less power and more part of the road is open for shading which is the problem, 5% of shade can reduce power generation upto 50 %.

Tokyo’s government is now targeting on new eco-friendly renewable energy technologies. Tokyo’s Government has set a goal of 12% to 30% increase in their renewable energy account by 2030.

The government said there is no bound in term of the site for installation the “solar panel road” system, which increases the eco-friendly energy revolution.