Training given to Village Youth about Solar Hand Pumps and Solar Pv Panels


The educated minority in the locality will now be given the training to advance hand pumps and solar pv panels. They are involved in management exercise to offer jobs only in the village. The Collector educated the departmental officers to make an action plan after meeting, but the officials of the CREDA Department continued uninhabited.

Collector Avniish Kumar Sharan has delivered a short notice to him. In the meeting, the educated youth will be accomplished to improve hand pumps and solar pv panels through talent development. There are also many fishermen in the rural community of Bayga Bahulya, with the dependent village. There are more than 11 thousand hand pumps in the district. In the summer, there is often a complaint of hand pump being spoiled. PHE does not have adequate staff and can provide employment to the youth by giving them large scale training.

In the lack of achieving the goal of the training, the Shawkaz notice has been given to the Nagar Panchayat Pandatarai. 21 departments have been made an agency to provide education. There are also 50 private training VTPs. In the financial year 2018-19, 2616 youths have the goal of training. So far 1221 youths have been trained from various VTPs.