Uttar Pradesh Government’s plan to get relief in the Electricity Bill


Varanasi, UP: If you have become disturbed by paying electrical energy bills then there is an answer for you. You can make your home a power house by connecting a solar photovoltaic on-grid structure on the roof. Electrical energy bill will also be available for generating power through it. By setting a kilowatt system, about 135 units can save electricity. There is also a huge subsidy from the Center and the State Government for this. Taking advantage of this, nearly 150 people of the city have installed rooftop solar system on the roof of their house.

According to estimation of Purvanchal Power Distribution Corporation Limited, about a unit of electricity is consumed by about 150 units per kilowatt. Apart from this, a bill of about 500 rupees has to be paid along with fixes and other charges. One kilowatts of solar system can generate approximately 135 units of power in one month, i.e., 135 units of solar with 150 units will be reduced if you reduce the power of only 15 units. If there are two or five kilowatt solar systems and you consume less power then the additional amount will be given in the form of a credit from the corporation at the end of the year.

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Urban Power Distribution System by Ashish Asthana superintending engineer of the first, if you have solar systems take Rs 50 to 60 thousand per kilowatts. In this, 30 percent from the centre, subsidy of 15 thousand rupees per kilowatt will be given by the state government. That is, with the center-state, about 33 thousand exemptions and you only 27,000. Consumers can equal this amount in a few years by saving electricity.

Superintending engineer, Asthana said that for the installation of one kilowatt solar system approximately 10 sq.m area is required. However, this system is for domestic consumers. He appealed to the consumers to contact the SDO to install the system.

Pravin Choubey, Assistant Engineer of the urban power distribution block Chowkghat, said that the solar system will also be connected to the electricity grid. Consumers can not use it directly The reason is that both the power supply will be one. Told that the consumers can apply this system to the maximum power load.

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