Water Will Produce Cheap Power Through Water Cell Technology


Like solar cells, cheap water will be ready soon from the water cell. With the hydroelectric cell (water cell) powered by water, it can be used to spend 50 litres of water in six months, to generate 100 watts of electricity. 

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The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), a laboratory of Scientific and Industrial Research Council (CSIR), has developed this technique. According to sources, it will soon be launched in the Indian market. This technique has been invented by N. P.L. scientist RK Kotnala and his colleague Jyoti Shah.


US patent was found: The team of scientist RK Kotnala produced hydroelectric cells doing research on solar cells. Last year, he got a US patent for this. According to sources, it has been negotiated with the company to bring this technique to the market. There is a possibility of coming soon in its market. It is not yet determined how much it will cost.

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