Women Hostel in Juhu Inaugurates Solar Rooftop Plant


Three years after Kesarbai Bhimani Operational Women’s Hostel in Juhu required to build a vermicomposting station on its property, the NGO organization run the women hostel, fixed an 8.5-kilowatt solar power rooftop plant in the hostel.

The solar energy power plant will produce about 1,020 units of power every month whereas the necessity of the women’s hostel is 4,707 units of power. The women’s hostel normal monthly power usage bills of Rs 65,000 around is nowadays predictable to be reduced by Rs 13,000. Therefore, the profit of asset will be attained through plant power generation in 3.8 years. The solar power on-grid power set up was connected by Mumbai based VISOL Renewable Energy Solutions.

Power produced by solar plants helps in to decrease carbon contamination particle in air. It will decrease carbon dioxide release equal to 11.6 tonnes per year.

Hostel now saves up to Rs 35 lakh on their power bills. The NGO organization that runs the hostel will plan on fixing a solar power water heater in coming time. This initiative will able to generate awareness in the people of eco-friendly initiatives.

Women residing in the hostel now surely study about saving power and say around it with others, thus conduct the message to others.