World’s 1st Solar Power Driven Sewage Pump for Boat


Torqeedo has complete a United electrical impulsion scheme for the world’s primary size solar power-driven sewage pump boat. Which was newly transported to the municipality of Branford, Connecticut.

The 25-ft. aluminium boat made by Guide’s Point Marina in Westbrook to deliver free waste sewage pump-out facility for boats, stopping the release of raw human waste into the area’s canals.

The forward motion arrangement for the boat contains two Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 external engines, four Torqeedo Power 48 lithium-ion batteries and four chargers, a cockpit controller section that gives the operator a system status, as well as a range at existing velocity.

The electric motors are driven by electric power from the storage batteries, which are re-energized by eight 100-watt solar pv panels, 400 watts to each battery bank.

New solar power container will set the normal for upcoming pump-out boats in sea communities globally. President of Torqeedo also praises the new technology and said it’s a clean source of green fuel, zero-emission fuel for long term use, low conservation and small operational duties which increases environment standard.